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Built on a mission to make people feel good about their body and soul, OverDMoon has strived to make a difference in the beauty world. By offering natural, high quality, handcrafted skin and hair care products, OverDMoon has continuously upheld this goal.

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shea butter massage & body oil candle

All natural, hand poured
soy & shea butter infused with essential oils. Skin – safe and
unadulterated massage candle.


"Very fresh, tasty, crunchy and spicy! This is as authentic as you can get!

Moses Anderson

"The jollof rice spice tastes very authentic and delicious. It gives the best color and taste that I have ever had. It tastes much better than jollof rice prepared by professional chefs. Thank you so much for making life easier for me"


There are several adjectives to describe the OverDMoon stores. The most sought after one-stop-shop for different varieties of authentic and natural products, tops the list.

From Spices, Seasonings, Sweetness & Supplements to their newly launched natural beauty line, OverDMoon stores is the right place to be. 
The authentic & exclusive products, shopping experience, great customer service and on-time shipping is worth every penny! You will not be disappointed, but over-the-moon.